Nightmare Creator (strange_doll) wrote in dotbodmodsnark,
Nightmare Creator

This is what happens when I can't sleep folks

This is off of my space. She got two reactions: "Yes, you are stupid", and , "I DARE you"!


I have a weird and probably stupid question...

A friend of mine is going to sew his lips shut so that he can video tape it and put it on his website, and I was thinking of maybe letting him sew mine shut too.

I've gotten stitches before, but they numbed the area before they stitiched it up, and we aren't going to be using anything like that in this case. And I've gotten a couple piercings in my lip before, so I put 2 and 2 together and figure it can't hurt all that bad, right? But I've never had my upper lip pierced, just my bottom lip, so would the needle hurt more going through the top lip? And do you think it will leave a scar, and if so how bad of a scar? I would only have the stitches in for a little bit, maybe half an hour at the most, and then take them out and let it heal, so I don't think it will scar nearly as much as my lip rings did, what do you think?

So those are my questions, how bad do you think it will hurt? and how bad do you think it will scar? I know there is going to be some pain involved and probably atleast some degree of scar but I was wondering if anybody had any ideas on how severe either one would be.

I know this sounds like a really stupid idea and it probably is because my friend isn't a professional piercer, but I think it sounds like fun and the video will be really cool.
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Maybe they can use the video for the Darwin Awards.
On, the bright side, the whole world wins if they both get lethal infections.
*Yes, I know there shouldnt be a comma after 'on'.
you would probably freak out when you couldnt open your mouth and end up hurting yourself lol.